The New California Republic - is democracy worth it? (Politics in Fallout New Vegas)

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Democracy is often seen as a corrupt institution; non-representative, vested interests prying apart public utilities, and crippled by career politicians.

These things may be true but what's also true is that it's the only system that guarantees legal equality between citizens and ensures they have rights to free speech and free association. Without democracy, tyranny is a real possibility.

The New California Republic in Fallout New Vegas is a complicated bear. It aims to represent millions of people but it isn't doing a good job of it. There are many mouths to feed, security concerns, not enough energy alternatives and an overtaxed economy. Its army is in near constant conflict with other governments like the fascist Caesar's Legion and the xenophobic Brotherhood of Steel.

Still, it's one of the best hopes for the world. They share a common vision of a united country and while they may be mired in corruption and bureaucracy, there are thousands of good people working within to make their government a place for all people to come together.

Democracy is the only way this will work for them. They vote for leaders that share their values and protect their freedoms. They share a tolerance for alternate ways of life and have a future that they are all working towards together. This vision will outlast all of them - the democracy is more important than its leaders.

Will the NCR fail? It constantly does. Will it collapse? Eventually, perhaps. But it won't be from a tyrannical grab of power and the oppression of their own people. Democracy may not protect them from bad decisions or disaster, but it will protect them from the worst of themselves. And democracies last longer than any other form of government.

As we'll discuss next time, fascism does the opposite. Effective, responsive, homogenous, and self-defeating for its monstrous behaviour.
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