The Art of Action - Mark Dacascos - Episode 10

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In episode 10, Scott Adkins talks to the great Mark Dacascos who has been one of the leading martial arts action stars for the last 30 years. With starring roles in Only The Strong, Crying Freeman, Brotherhood of the Wolf, Drive, Cradle to the Grave & John Wick 3 to name just a few.

0:00 Introduction
4:16 Martial Arts Background
10:58 Love/Hate Relationship with Martial Arts
13:27 Ma Bu
18:40 Getting into Movies
24:46 American Shaolin
26:04 Only The Strong
32:33 Crying Freeman
34:30 Drive
40:05 John Wick 3
47:43 Shakespeare

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Only The Strong


Crying Freeman




John Wick Franchise


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