Super Heavy Test Tank BN2.1 Moved to the Launch Site for Testing | SpaceX Boca Chica

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The Super Heavy test tank was rolled to the launch site. Meanwhile, the fourth extension to the Orbital Launch Mount was added, and then removed. GSE Tank 6 Mid Section #1, and Booster Aft Tank Section #5 were spotted.

Video and Pictures from Mary (@BocaChicaGal). Edited by Derek “DK” Knabenbauer (@DKlarations).

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0:00 - Sunrise Over The Production Site
0:22 - Collection of Starship hardware
0:53 - Second cryo tank shell moved to continue stacking
1:23 - Work continues on new Launch Tower sections
1:47 - Beams being installed on newest tower section
2:11 - Super Heavy BN3 section waiting to be stacked
2:30 - GSE 6 Mid Section #1
2:53 - on its transport mount
3:26 - Boca Chica Scrapyard
3:46 - Closeup on 's testing rig
4:12 - Fourth extension added on the Orbital Launch Mount
4:33 - Top of the Launch Tower
4:58 - Stainless steel roll delivery
5:04 - Moving a few Launch Tower segment transport mounts
5:19 - Unknown roll delivered to Production Site
5:34 - Tower segment transport mounts being moved
6:18 - Large crane being moved
6:50 - Work on top of Launch Tower elevator shaft
7:10 - Placing the fourth extension onto an Orbital Launch Mount pillar
7:38 - Pipe work at the Orbital Launch Site GSE farm
8:38 - Work on Frankencrane extension
9:09 - Tankzilla waits for further assignment as Pad A
9:34 - Test Tank Preparing to Roll Out to the Launch Site
10:34 - Another Segment of the BN3 Booster in the High Bay
11:08 - Super Heavy Test Tank Rolls to Launch Site for Testing
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