So I Let my Viewers Write the Script for this Video - WoW Machinima

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Well, here it is. Whether or not I'll regret this decision will be made clear with time :) But for now let's enjoy the mess You guys wrote.
This started off kind of as a joke or a silly livestream event, but I thought that if we actually managed to somehow write a video script that made some sense and was silly enough, that I'd actually consider making into an actual video. And here we are.

Below in this description you'll find the full script to the video with the original chat messages :)

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Big thanks to Hopko for voicing Magni:
Special thanks to a big Patreon supported of mine, Camel, for voicing the orc at the very end!

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Addiction - A touching story of love, betrayal
and redemtpion

Bolvar was doing lines of Soulash in Oribos.
Everything was normal until he started shaking
and falling to the ground listening to
one strange voice in his head. Whispering in
his head:

- Why u let sylvanas kick your as*?

Bolvar remember the fight and rubs his a*s. He
begged one of the DK servants for some ice to put
on his nice bottom. Bolvar sniffs his fingers and

- Mmm.

Intrigued by his odd finger sniffing, a yak
walked to him. Hemet shoots it. Bolvar does another
line, and shouts at Hemet for killing his potential one-
night-stand. Hemet screams at Bolvar:

- High lord, you have to keep it togehter!
Bolvar replies:
- You're right! I can't get over
that as* beat Sylvanas gave me! *tears in his eyes*

A gang of brokers show up and tell Bolvar to pay up for
the anima loan he used to get his soulash, after Bolvar
refuses, they kick his as*.

- Not again - bolvar rubbed his round bottom
again and looked out the window thinking of a way to
repay his debt. Maybe mailbox dancing?
Bolvar goes to Darnassus to seek wisdom on how to
mailbox dance from night elves.
He has no luck and moves to Goldshire.
A hooded figure sits in the back of Lion's Pride inn
(Like Aragon in Bree) he notices Bolvar. He offers him
a ton of Anima in return for a favor.
Bolvar thinks to himself:
- This guy seems shady but I do need that anima
to pay off my loans.

- Rate my - The hooded figure
says calmly to Bolvar.
Bolvar says:
- Deal, but I'll want you to rate my transmog
as well!

The shady individual tells him it looks like sh*t without
a helmet.
The voice in his head reappeared and said:
- Enough! You have to focus
on how to regain your honor and instill fear in the bones
of your enemies and bring down Sylvanas.

Bolvar has a training montage before jumping into the
Maw with a raging battlecry and is immediatle obliterated
by Sylvanas just casually shooting an arrow at him.
In that moment Bolvar hears:
- Bolvar, Bolvar wake up!

Flash back from the dragon fire. Bolvar looks at younger
Bolvar and younger Bolvar says:
- Your set is trash.
After a great struggle with his thoughts, the Bolvar suddenly
hears the encouraging voice of his old friend Tyrion:
- You must cast off your shame and move on!

Bolvar arises with the encouraging words from Tyrion.

- I know what must be I am on my way.

Bolvar stands infront of the Runecarver and ask he can
carft him a helmet. The Runecarver asks for soul ash and
Bolvar starts shaking. Then there is this gnome coming
with his soul ash that he farmed his entire month and
then Bolvar kicks the gnome and steals his soul ash.
Looks at the soul ash trying to resist.
He sees a undead snorting soulash as a reminder.

Bolvar sits in the group therapy and says:
- Well, and so I snorted all the soul ash.
Magni says that he knows the feeling. Magni says:
- I can feel her inside me, ooohh
Bolvar looks extremely disgusted and accepts who he is
thinking he doesn't want to fall that low.

Bolvar goes back to Oribos and meets up with Hemet,
he puts his hand over his shoulder and thanks him. Hemet
looks at him confused as Bolvar walks away, ready to start
his new job as the Innkeeper of Oribos.

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