Plastic Army Men Call of Duty Toys Pretend Play in the Sandbox with Plastic Helicopters and Tanks

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Watch Evan and Dad pretend play with some new Plastic Army! This was a birthday present from Evan's grandmother. We tried them out in our DIY sandbox and we had a lot of fun!

Evan Storm Merch
Evan Storm Gaming:

About the item:
200 pieces Military Set includes multiple army men, a variety of vehicles, forts, barricades, tents and other accessories to keep children engaged for hours with no end.
Army Men: Let the battles begin! Furnished in green, red, blue and yellow, and situated in various poses
Military Vehicles: This military set includes a variety of different vehicles to enhance the fun. From tankers and jeeps, to helicopters, motorcycles and rescue boats, his collection will be complete.
Storage Bag: This set of action figures and army toys for boys comes with a plastic bag for easy storage and transport of all 200 pieces. It has a zipper closure to keep items secure and handles on top for easy transport from one location to the next.
Durable Construction will provide long-lasting strength and use for many years to come. The material is easy to clean with soap and water if needed, so the set always looks like new.

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