Need For Speed 2021 is Delayed!

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Need For Speed 2021 is delayed. And i made this video expressing my thoughts on the Need For Speed 2021 news. It is obvious why Need for speed got delayed and that is because of the new battlefield. but i think it is ridiculous how EA are messing up like this. Need For Speed is now set to come in November 2022. This delay has caused issues in the community with many being angry or upset. How did Need For Speed get delayed like smh. I hope Need For Speed 2022 will be great. The things i said in this video where live and nothing was edited.

This is not a "EA hate" video!

I hope something like this does not happen again with Need For Speed. Since nfs 2021 already has issues and this game being Delayed does not help. I hope the release date for Need For Speed will be in 2022 and nothing else.

I will be making videos on Need For Speed 2022 news so make sure to look out for that in the future!

ARTICLE (Need For Speed 2021 Delayed):

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