My SISTER Reacts to Little Mix - Confetti Album For the First Time

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Little Mix Confetti album reaction/review
Little Mix Confetti Deluxe edition reaction/review

Little mix discord group chat

Holiday music video reaction -
Break up song mv
Sweet Melody reaction


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0:00 Intro
0:49 Confetti
5:20 Happiness
8:42 Happiness thoughts
9:38 Not a pop song
13:56 Nothing but my feelings
15:42 drop some confetti
16:34 Nothing but my feelings
17:59 Gloves up
21:46 A mess (Happy 4 U)
25:56 My love won't let you down
29:35 MLWLYD thoughts
30:07 Rendevouz
33:26 If you want my love
37:06 Thoughts on IYWML
37:50 Breathe
42:38 sounds like mario How do I breathe
42:53 favorite songs
47:41 outro
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