MKBHD Teaches How to Script, Shoot & Edit YouTube Videos

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The newest Skillshare Original with MKBHD drops Tuesday, March 23. Subscribe to the channel now to get an exclusive MKBHD tutorial next week and join the class!

If you've ever wondered how a hit YouTube video gets made, now's your chance to see behind-the-scenes with one of the platform's top creators! Join Marques Brownlee of MKBHD (14M followers and counting) for a hands-on guide to creating for YouTube. From initial concept to final cut, Marques shares his creative process, production workflow, and favorite tools like never before.



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00:39 What it takes to create for YouTube
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Coming Tuesday, March 23.

Turn your dreams of YouTube stardom into a reality with Marques Brownlee, the self-taught filmmaker who grew his love of tech into a channel with 14M subscribers and counting!

Today Marques, known on the internet as MKBHD, draws millions of views with his tech review videos. But it wasn’t always that way: he started out in his parent’s basement, creating videos on his computer’s built-in camera, and slowly building a following on YouTube. If you’re like Marques—you have an itch to share your passion and opinions with the world—then this class will help you translate that point of view into engaging, authentic, and wildly watchable videos.

Drawing on a decade of experience as a YouTuber and gear-head, Marques opens up his process like never before, guiding you step by step through every stage of content creation for YouTube. From scripting and storyboarding to shooting and editing, you’ll learn how to create videos that connect, whether you have one follower or one hundred thousand.

Hands-on lessons cover:

— Planning a video that’s true to you and widely appealing
— Shooting compelling content with whatever gear you have
— Editing your footage to grab and keep attention
— Growing your channel strategically, while still having fun

Plus, see exactly how Marques and his team apply these steps to an MKBHD video, with a behind-the-scenes look into the making of a Galaxy Note 5 tech review.



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