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Akashathile Paravakal is a 2001 Malayalam language film produced by Feroz. The film is directed by V. M. Vinu, and stars Kalabhavan Mani and Sindhu Menon in the lead roles along with Kaviyoor Ponnamma, Jagathy Sreekumar, Indrans and IM Vijayan. The music is composed by S. Balakrishnan and Rajamani. The film is based on a story written by Johnson parvakal was commercially success.

The story is based on Chandanakkunnu panchayat, where rabies due to dog bites has become a fearsome epidemic. People in the panchayat seek all ways to kill the affected dogs. The incumbent panchayath president is challenged by Dasappan raising the insecurity the disease has spread in the place. To gain public support Dasappan brings Udumbu Vasu to the panchayat to kill the dogs. Vasu is lodged in Muthassi's house. Muthassi's granddaughter SreeDevi falls in love with Vasu after hearing about his orphaned life after his mother's death from a dog bite. Meanwhile, Palayar Manikkyam, Sreedevi's father's murderer, makes a ruckus in the house for getting him arrested for the murder. This instigates a fight between Vasu and Manikkyam. Within few days Vasu gets bitten by a dog and gets with rabies. Manikkyam tries to use this situation to kill Vasu, but instead Vasu kills him. In order to save Vasu from being killed by the public Muthassi kills him. Everybody in the village weeps at his death
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