[JIKOOK ONE-SHOT] Cheater 18+ (M) (reupload)

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Hello, lovelies!

I've had this one done and ready for posting months ago, however, because my current series wasn't finished I didn't want to post it beforehand. It's been some time, and so technically this will be my first one-shot on this channel.

Hint for the jokes and giggles at the end, don't take this too seriously. I had fun messing around while creating this, so I hope it's enjoyable. Thank you, lovelies.

ALSO, IMPORTANT: This is written on my Wattpad for those who want the full story, the book is under the name: Cheater | Jikook AU

Much love x


Intro: I Want It - Two Feet

bts - serendipity lofi ver.

bts - black swan lofi ver.

"Faded" - Two Feet Type Beat | Dark Pop Instrumental 2019 (Prod. La Palmera)

The Weeknd Often Instrumental Original

(FREE) 6lack Type Beat - "I Can Be Lonely"

bts - fake love lofi ver. (re-edit)

COPYRIGHT CLAIM: [Clips used are from bts gifs, and gifs on google-credits goes to them! I do not own any of the pngs, pictures and audio in this clip.]

For those who want to be in touch, make sure to comment, and I will respond to those who have questions either on here or through my social media:

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thank you for watching!
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