How It Works: WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure

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Note: This is an early preliminary look at the ride and inaccuracies may be present. An updated video may come later.

Web Slingers is a new interactive 3D dark ride that takes riders on a high stakes mission to save Avengers Campus. The ride was seeming praised by invited media, but mixed by many fans. So how does it work?

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-While I didn't explicitly say where the sensors/cameras were, they're actually in the left and right hand corners pointing diagonally down. Allegedly this is something that Disney developed themselves, but I have serious doubts that it's any different than a slightly altered Leap Motion design and tracking method simply to avoid paying for the equipment and licensing. They're basically using the equivalent of security cameras with some AO thrown in as opposed to Leap Motion's tracking. Both have the same goal, tracking hand movements in
-Some people are also alleging that it's not by Trio Tech, again, there's too many similarities to really dissuade me from thinking it could be. Disney rarely ever makes things themselves. They design things sure, but they certainly do not fabricate them. The bus bar design is nearly identical. So if they did make it If they were students in school they'd get busted for

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