GoPro Hero 7 vs DJI Action 4k at night - low light recording

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???? DJI Action 4K:
???? GoPro 7:
I am a moron. I judged the DJI vs. GoPro low light the screens of the devices.
I was going to reupload this without the audio, but in the interest of transparency, it's worthwhile that million people realize I am an idiot. A total moron. LAY IT ON ME. :( I deserve it, I judged the quality of these two cameras their effing internal screens. It makes sense if the DJI has TWO screens for $80 less than the gopro's ONE screen that the screen they put on the DJI is going to be way worse in quality than the gopro's screen.
When you actually have them next to each other on the same screen, they're more similar. I think the gopro has way more natural white balance when set to auto(which is how most will use action cams). The DJI really has no idea what color anything is at night, but it is not the drastic difference I thought it was while recording the video.
I will likely end up keeping the DJI since it doesn't crash all the time a-la-gopro. I recorded 3 videos with it so far - zero crashing. It's beautiful. :)
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