Fallout Tactics Brotherhood Of Steel gameplay

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Shows in real time mode, team turns, and turn base order mode).

Real time is a bit tricky and team needs a decent level of sneak perk. It requires set-up before each battle, if on foot, and have to keep the members split up at all times. Will also need a scout/front man to view upcoming bouts. Usually, the members will burn ammo and medical supplies quicker in this mode.

Team turn based, allows you to do set-ups and combos anytime during your turn. Down side, when it's opponents turn, team can get hit hard and you'll find yourself quick saving/loading a lot. Can clear maps the quickest in this mode if you set-up well.

One by one based, is probably the hardest mode (for me anyways). One man moves and then another, taking turns like a board game. It is also the longest turn base option. It's good for timely set-ups and unexpected ambushes. Also works well to set traps/mines.
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