Fallout New Vegas - Big MT 2 Finale

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It's time to deal with the metahumans and Dr. Poultrygeist once and for all!


Mods used:
** No, this isn't really multiplayer. It's just video-editing magic.
A Madman's Masterpiece
Willow Companion Experience
Weapons of the New Millennia (many weapons)
Misc Items - Use as weapons
New Vegas Uncut
Daughters of ARES
Interesting NPCs
Project Nevada
Courier Vests
NCR Doggie Buddies
NPCs Travel
Gun Runners Actually Run Guns
Helpless Falling
Killable Kids
Quick Hacking
The Groovatron NV
Unlimited Companions
New Vegas Uncut
PipBoy 2500
No NPC Compass Ticks
Hope Lies
Vincent Vincent

Nonstop - Kevin MacLeod ()
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution License
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