Fallout 76 utility shelter BoS war room

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Hi there! So good of you to check out my video! In this one i made a BoS command centre inside the vault utility room. In the first section there is a sleeping area with shower and each bed has its own locker. Going into the main war room there are all workbenches so you don’t have to leave the shelter to craft something and power armor stations with correspondent lockers. I also put in a little shrine for Kelly Leuten who is a disabled fallout player who asked Bethesda for a wheelchair in game and they did it so awesome work Bethesda! The main control centre features a scale model of appalachia on the table to mimic a tactical planning model like you see in some war movies. 3big screen tv’s are mounted so whenever there is a threat they will display all information and file cabinets recording all info of the brotherhood members and a vast record of every little thing that can be found around the map. As a bonus i added a sneak peak into the build for the next video that is in the atrium. It is not finished as you will see. I hope you will like the video and share it with your friends and if you are not yet subscribed i hope you will. See you in the next one and stay safe my friends!

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