Fallout 76 - Something Sentimental - A Colossal Problem Quest

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In this video, we take on the quest "Something Sentimental" which is the introductory quest to the "A Colossal Problem" event.

If you would like to skip any of the story aspects in the video and jump straight to the fight, please do make use of the timestamps in the video and included below.


00:00 - Introduction
00:35 - "A Fathers Goodbye" Holotape location
00:58 - Contents of "A Fathers Goodbye" Holotape
01:37 - Mags Location
01:59 - Maggie Williams Dialogue
06:28 - Something Sentimental Quest Begins
08:46 - A Colossal Problem Event Encounter
19:06 - Conclusion of the Something Sentimental Quest

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