Fallout 76 Role Play - S2-Ep16: Unexpected Vacation

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Fallout 76 Role Play - S2-Ep16: Unexpected Vacation

Thank you for watching my let’s play of Fallout 76! In this video series me and some friends will attempt to role play as heavily as possible in a game that doesn’t treat role players kindly.

In this episode: Keren and John head back to the Top of the World, but make an unplanned stop that takes them back in time to a world of luxury.


Credits (in order of appearance):

Keren Nash – Wasteland Dovahkiin
John Nash – Dink Meeker
Jack Williams – Darthmaulian
Mac Garibaldi – JoeDaFalloutNoob

Recorded by Wasteland Dovahkiin using OBS software
Gaming Platform – Xbox One
Edited by Wasteland Dovahkiin

This series is made possible by supporters on Patreon

Music in the intro and outro is “Take Me Home, Country Roads” from the Fallout 76 Official Soundtrack.


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