Fallout 76 Meat Week 2020 - Chally's Feed Recipe - Grahm's Meat Cook Tips

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HAPPY MEAT WEEK WASTELANDERS!!! This video is for all those looking for Fallout 76 Meat Week Tips & Tricks. For this tip you need to visit Grahm at the old meat cook and purchase a special Meat Week recipe for Chally the Moo Moo. Anyone looking to maximize their Meat Week experience should definitely pick this up and make a farm! Thanks for watching and I hope you get all the Meat Week rewards you are hoping for!!! lets go dirty brahmin costume!!!

In this video you'll also find a few good farm locations for Tato, Razorgrain, and carrots. Get to work Wastelander!!!

In this video you will also find the location for Grahm the Super mutant and his Meat Week Meat Cook seasonal event.
(Grahm's Meat Cook Location)


A huge thank you to the community and all you efforts!!!

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Fallout 76 Meat Week - Chally's Feed Recipe - Meat Week Tips & Tricks 2020
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