Fallout 76 - Is Fallout 1st Worth It In 2021?

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Is Fallout 1st Worth It In 2021? This is a question that many of the new 2021 players have. It can be hard to find a clear answer sometimes. My goal in this video to to help YOU decide if Fallout 1st is worth it. Sort answer is, it depends. Fallout 1st is worth it for me, but everyone is different and for some it will not be worth it! Hopefully this video helps and maybe gets some new Fallout 1st members :)

Thank you all for watching ❤
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Time stamps:
0:00-0:31 Intro
0:31-0:52 What is Fallout 1st?
0:52-2:09 Private Worlds
2:09-3:21 Scrap box
3:21-4:25 Survival Tent
4:25-5:43 Fallout 1st Rewards
5:43-6:00 Atoms
6:00-9:10 Is it worth it?
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