Dragon City: Vanargand Dragon, plus all Vanargand Maze Island | Completed 2020 ????

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∎ Dragon City | Vanargand Dragon "Vanargand Maze Island" - Full Unlock 2020 ????
• Vanargand Dragon : A powerful heroine who symbolizes love and beauty, as well as war and death. The Vanargand Dragon is a giant canine-like dragon. This monstrous creature is able to fatally bite any God dragon, giving him a powerful reputation within the Dragonverse in Dragon City.

The Vanargand Maze Island Dragon City! ????
The most unknown of all four-element dragons. Vanargand Island combines the most antagonistic pairs of elements. Coming from the deep unknown, he is the master of light and darkness, fire and ice. Expect the unexpected!

∎ How to Breeding Vanargand Dragon in Dragon City! ????
Vanargand Dragon is not Currently Breeding. Sorry.

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