Dragon City - Reached LAP 30 REWARD of High Scorchwing Dragon [SPECIAL REWARD] ????

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∎ Dragon City | Heroic Racing LAP 50 "High Scorchwing Dragon" | the First REWARD ????
A new Heroic Race is around the corner! It is time to unveil the PRIZES that are waiting for the upcoming Heroic Race: Scorchwing!

• High Scorchwing Dragon - Little is known about the Him. Get the Exothermic Plates Skin by completing 15 Laps in the Scorched Lands Heroic Race! This coded creature can move freely through cyberspace, terrorizing any dragon that is near an electrical source in Dragon City with Ultimate Chest in LAP 30.

• Reach LAP 50 of High Scorchwing Dragon and get all of these extraordinary Rewards! You will be able to unlock ULTIMATE CHEST in Dragon City!

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