COL LOU vs Cheater in Ranked - Apex Legends Highlights

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COL LOU (loustreams) meets a cheater in ranked and they have a very entertaining fight.

Welcome to our Apex Legends Funny Moments & Best Plays highlights video!

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00:00 col lou vs cheater
02:37 nicewigg finishing cheater
03:06 tsm_imperialhal
03:07 albralelie
03:46 howzest
04:05 snip3down
04:27 daltoosh doesn't want the clip
04:59 xbaronful
05:10 jaro_
05:38 uwucyrus
06:05 jollyswaggmann
06:34 syncedez solo wipe
07:26 albralelie crisp wingman
07:41 sweetdreams
08:16 liamhitsit
08:45 pawsanss
09:27 nokokopuffs
09:41 albralelie portal bug

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Outro song: Olympus by 32Stitches on NCS
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