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Millionaire Husband (€ 6,9 Million Euros) Socialite Celebrity Oligarch VIP Super Star Grand Super Rich Millionaire Husband Christian S. Mäkelä € 6900000 Euros Millionaire Husband Lord Christian S. Mäkelä : I have 1600000 Euros House, My Wealth 6900000 Euros ! I am a Millionaire Husband from Scandinavian Finland Helsinki Eira Beach Penthouse & Karleby Österbotten Grand Estate, Finland, Scandinavia & Stockholm, Sweden, Scandinavia & Moscow City, Moscow, the Russian Federation.
I am so White like I am Scandinavian Finland och Scandinavian Sweden Nationalities and I have Russian family history and I have Russian Teenage Beauty Wife!
My Swimmings extreme ultimate Grand Christian S. Mäkelä 106686 Superpower Swimmings on 2020 year for the young, rich and famous Millionaire Husband (€) Socialite Mr. Christian S. Mäkelä !
My Swimmings 6686 on 2019 year & 5186 on 2018 year !
Millionaire Husband (€) Socialite Celebrity Oligarch Christian S. Mäkelä loves so much my Beautiful Russian Wife and the famous Millionaire Husband (€) Celebrity VIP Lord Christian S. Mäkelä loves Ocean jumping and Swimming in Ocean plus Luxury Spa, Scandinavian Finland’s Sauna & Swimming Pools !
We have Our 10 the most expensive phones in the world iPhone 11 Pro Max Gold 512GB phones for us as a married couple here in Kaartinkaupunki Penthouse, Helsinki, Finland, Scandinavia och Kokkola Grand Estate, Österbotten, Pohjanmaa, Finland, Scandinavia !
My Russian Blonde Long Hair Teenage Model Beauty Wife Most Beautiful & Most Sweetest Loving Wife !
Christian S. Mäkelä Loves My Most Beautiful Wife everyday and every year !

Millionaire (€) Hottie Husband Christian S. Mäkelä:
I like the World’s Biggest Soft Superpower Scandinavia like Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and the World’s Biggest Hard Superpower the Russian Federation and the world’s second biggest Superpower the USA and the USA is the world’s biggest sole economy in the world. The USA should do a reality check like its national debt not +112% but more than +1030% fiscal debt which is +226$ trillion US Dollars to solve its future like getting along with the countries, adjusting the USA like the Scandinavia like Russia does that Russia doesn’t set warfare around the world while keeps the nukes and closer to the Scandinavian countries systems like here in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark widespread prosperity and the world’s most peaceful and happiest countries like Finland, Norway, Denmark.
The EU biggest economy in the world. Because assets versus debt is the balance sheet.
Superpower status always changing. For Russia keeps the best hard Superpower Russia must do Super Nukes and maintain economy to keep the number one best hard Superpower like Nukes, Military, Commodities, Economy, Geopolitics etc.
The Scandinavia is Finland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden like Scandinavia number one best Soft Superpower status more secured, there is Finland, Norway, Denmark and even Sweden to pursue number one rankings every year in everything in the Soft Superpower spheres like the best country, best country for the children, families, safety standards, education, clean nature and air to breathing etc.
I like London, the UK and the Maghreb Libya.
Lord Christian S. Mäkelä Swimming when the world’s biggest superpower countries Presidents here in my Kaartinkaupunki city district in Helsinki, Finland with me like Scandinavian Finland’s president and my business friend Alisher Usmanov friend of the world’s richest trillionaire human of the Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin and my business friend of the USA President Donald Trump !
Millionaire Husband (€) Socialite Celebrity VIP Oligarch Hottie Husband Mr. Christian S. Mäkelä from Eira Beach Penthouse Helsinki Finland Scandinavia and Karleby Österbotten Grand Estate Finland Scandinavia and Stockholm Sweden Scandinavia and Moscow City Moscow the Russian Federation and the Maghreb Libya Cyrenaica and London the United Kingdom and Los Angeles California the United States of America based.
Love & Cheers, (€) Millionaire Socialite Celebrity Oligarch Husband Christian S. Mäkelä

Миллионер Муж (€) Знаменитости Christian S. Mäkelä : У меня есть дом на 1 600 000 евро, мое богатство 6900000 евро! Мои плавания в 2018 году 5186 и в 2019 году 6686 и сейчас в 2020 году супер 106686! Наш 10 телефон iPhone 11ProMaxGold512GB! Моя русская Жена самая красивая!
Chris ❤ Жена

/ Christian S. Mäkelä

/ Christian S. Mäkelä

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Миллионер (€) Муж Christian S. Mäkelä
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