Can You Beat Fallout New Vegas With Only A Silenced .22 Pistol?

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Without any DLC installed, you can get a few guns at the beginning of Fallout New Vegas. Most of them are pretty par for course as far as beginning-game weapons go. But there’s also a weapon that has some of the worst stats of any gun in the game. Can You Beat Fallout New Vegas With Only A Silenced .22 Pistol?

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Can You Beat Fallout New Vegas With Only A Silenced .22 Pistol? (in text form)

The point of this run is to beat New Vegas by only damaging friends and foes with the Silenced .22 Pistol. Because you avoid quite a bit of conflict by dumping points into Speech, I’m not going to bother with that skill. I put 10 SPECIAL points into Intelligence, Agility, and Luck, put 7 into Perception, stole a lot of Doc Mitchell’s house, did a quick interview, chose Guns, Medicine, and Sneak as my Tag Skills, looked at a few ink blots, picked Trigger Discipline and Wild Wasteland as my Traits, and left Mitchy’s house to explore to Mojave Wasteland.

Unlike something like a Rolling Pin, the .22 Pistol is readily available from Goodspring’s General Store. Chet had the Pistol itself, 100 standard rounds, and 11 hollow points; more than enough to last until I find a new vendor. I sold what I could except for the 10mm Pistol and Caravan Shotgun that come from the DLC because I felt selling them would give me too many caps early on, so I dropped threw them on the ground, picked up my weapon, got the Varmint Rifle from Sunny Smiles to sell later, and let my adventure begin.

Back in the Prospector Saloon, I "bonked" Trudy and Joe Cobb, went outside to “bonk” Easy Pete and a Settler who happened to be passing by, I "bonked" another Settler who was tending to his crops, "bonked" Ringo inside the Gas Station, returned to Doc Mitchell’s house to "bonk" him and continue ransacking his house, "bonked" a few cows, "bonked" Cheyenne and Sunny Smiles inside the Prospector Saloon, sold to Chet what I’d picked up from the corpses, left Chet alive and alone in Goodsprings, and was off to Primm.

Before I’d even left Goodsprings I proved myself to be quite capable with the .22 Pistol by “bonking" a puppy on a far off mountain. On the way to Primm, I "bonked" two Powder Gangers behind Jean Sky Diving, "bonked" two more and left them to rot in each others arms, got a sneak peak of Warner Brother’s upcoming Godzilla vs Kong movie, and was near Primm. I had decided not too long ago that I’d be siding with the NCR. But they’ll forgive all the crimes you committed before dealing with Benny in the Tops, so I "bonked" a Trooper so that I’d be able to disguise myself as an NCR soldier later on. Then I "bonked" another because I couldn’t have low quality. I’m a princess, after all.

I defiled the dead bodies in the Sheriff’s house to steal his Cowboy Repeater and entered the Vikki and Vance Casino. Johnson Nash had some .22LR (Long Rifle) ammo, but not nearly as much as I was hoping he’d have. The citizens of Primm are lucky that I’m the kind of person who does the right thing without needing a reward.

I walked through the doors of the Bison Steve Hotel and let my slaughter begin. Slowly but surely, the Convicts inside died to my little pee-shooter. Now’s a good time to mention that the .22 Pistol isn’t entirely useless if you can’t get a sneak bonus. The .22 Pistol does 9 damage per shot, but it has a higher chance to land critical shots than most other firearms. Critical shots do 3x damage. A successful sneak attack guarantees a critical hit while also doing 2x damage, so you’re effectively dealing 6x damage with a successful sneak attack. The Guns skill also has a role to play.

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