Can You Beat Fallout 4 With Only The Pain Train Perk?

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Fallout 4’s weapon customization system blows every other Fallout game out of the water. But just like with Fallout 3 and New Vegas, there are ways to defeat foes without using guns, explosives, or melee weapons. Can You Beat Fallout 4 With Only The Pain Train Perk?

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Can You Beat Fallout 4 With Only The Pain Train Perk? (in text form)

Pain Train is a perk in Fallout 4 that lets you damage enemies when you sprint into them while wearing Power Armor. Because it essentially turns Power Armor into a living breathing weapon, it requires Strength of 10. The kind of person who dreams of being a train pays no mind to intelligence, but does put enough points into Luck to get the Idiot Savant perk which has been mathematically proven to be a superior method of gaining experience compared to maxing out Intelligence. Endurance is useful to take damage, Agility is necessary being sprinting drains your Action Points which are influenced by your Agility skill, and Charisma to get a slight discount on Stimpaks from vendors.

With my body almost more than ready, my husband and I ran to the vault, I did a sweet 360 as I got to the circle in the center, we went under the ice, I discovered that you can pound on the glass when you wake up to watch your child get abducted by a sentient box of cereal, and then I woke up. Escaping Vault 111 while not attacking any of the Radroaches is beyond trivial at this point, I escaped the Vault, arrived in Sanctuary, got some delicious experience from Codsworth, got the Ur Speshal book to bump my Strength up to 10 so that I’d be able to get the Pain Train perk when I leveled up, and I began ransacking every single house I could find for garbage while Codsworth got to work on our little bug problem.

I have no idea how he managed to stay alive for the last 200 years because he can levitate off the ground and yet he somehow got himself stuck on a barrel. Or maybe he was just really into Bloatfly stings. He even said he doesn’t feel pain, so it’s probably that. I had things to do, so I fast-traveled to Sanctuary from Sanctuary, Codsworth had taken care of the bug, and I went to town scrapping every object in every house in all the land within the stupid green boundary.

I quite literally spent 10 minutes disposing of Sanctuary’s trash. I built a few boxes to store my valuables and was off the the Museum of Freedom because that’s the closest set of Power Armor. It took a few tries to get up to the roof, but I succeeded in getting a suit of Powered Armor, I let Preston take care of the Raiders outside the Museum’s entrance, I leveled up, put the point into Pain Train, and went inside the Museum to demolish everyone I could find.

That’s almost true. I went inside without armor to snag the Fusion Core then left the building and got back in my power armor to begin riding circles around my enemies. And you know what? Pain Train does far more damage than I thought, by a lot. All it takes is one hydraulics powered forearm to the chest and a Raider dies. One hit, who’d have thought? With all the Raiders knocked unconscious, they’re not dead, this is a children’s game, I met Preston and his gaggle of idiots, went up the roof, dropped to the ground like an angel death, and turned the Raiders into train tracks.

And just like one of my previous Fallout 4 videos, the only remaining problem here was the Deathclaw. Pain Train does a traumatizing amount of damage to most low-level foes. But a Deathclaw is not that, so I did the only thing I could think of that didn’t involve my Power Armor or the person inside it getting torn to shreds: I let Preston kill it.

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