Can You Beat Fallout 3 With Only A Repellent Stick?

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Fallout games often have weapons that you can only obtain certain way, like finding it at a specific location or after completing a quest. Sometimes they’re a powerful reward for a job well done, and sometimes… they’re not. Can You Beat Fallout 3 With Only A Repellent Stick?

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Can You Beat Fallout 3 With Only A Repellent Stick? (in text form)

I named myself Rufus, tried to look as much like a mole rat as possible, had a lovely chat with father who immediately left which shouldn’t have surprise me. Nowhere in the world is a hat more useless than in an underground bunker. The Repellent Stick is a melee weapon which makes Strength at 10 a necessity, Luck is at 10 to boost all stats, and I left the rest at 4 because in the past when I’ve gone all-in on 3 SPECIAL stats the perks I can choose in the beginning are usually garbage.

Aside from making myself one with the balloon as best I could and following the Overseer to hear him call me a brat, the birthday was about as exciting as a birthday could be, I killed the rad roach in the basement because, as I’ve said in other videos, this can’t be skipped. It’s effectively a requirement to kill the roach to proceed, so I did it and actually took the GOAT for the first time in the history of ever. I tried looking at someone else’s test to see what they answered but it didn’t help, that question was a doozy. Unfortunately it didn’t matter since I got to pick my skills anyway: Lockpick, Medicine, and Melee Weapons.

Before escaping the vault, I helped Butch by failing my attempt to convince him to go stomp on the roaches, so I gave him a BB Gun and he killed the roaches, saving his stupid mother. I got the gun back and his jacket as a thank you. If I was smart I would have ran off after giving him the BB gun, maybe the Overseer seeing him with it would make him sentence Butch to death by волк (bonk). The rest of the escape was about what you’d expect. Threaten the Overseer’s daughter, avoid his goons, and you’re out of the vault.

My first stop was Megaton because there’s only one place in the game where you can find a Repellent Stick. Both involve entering Craterside Supply. You can pick a lock that requires a lock pick skill of 75, or you can do the Wasteland Survival Guide side quest, because one of the objectives is to test the Repellent Stick out on Mole Rats. There’s just one slight, little, tiny problem. There are 3 chapters to the Wasteland Survival Guide quest and the Repellent Stick can’t be obtained until you start chapter 2. The good news is that the quest is sort of a way to introduce various mechanics to the player, almost like an advanced tutorial, so none of it is very difficult.

Objective number one was too bask in the warmth of Atom’s eternal glow. I stood in place next to a undetonated nuclear warhead that could explode at any moment for about 4 minutes until my nose started to get even bigger, which was a sign that I’d begun to mutate and that was was ready to face Moira and hopefully give her some 2nd-hand radiation sickness. After she sort of cured me, I left to gather supplies from the Super Duper Mega Mart. The mart was hit worse than I imagined. The shopping carts were in complete disarray. This is what the government secretly refers to as a Category 4 scenario. I’d put a few them back where they belonged when the bullets flying all over the place made me think that maybe video game cart pusher wasn’t the right career path for me.

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