Can You Beat Fallout 3 As Benjamin Button?

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Unlike many RPGs where the hero lives in the world for years before discovering their true calling, Fallout 3 starts off with your character being born. But what if the Lone Wanderer’s mother didn’t die from childbirth, but as a result of a spell cast on a special clock. Can You Beat Fallout 3 as Benjamin Button?

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Can You Beat Fallout 3 as Benjamin Button? (in text form)

You’re probably wondering what kind of idea this is for a challenge. Let me tell you, it might not be a good idea, but it’s definitely an idea. The premise of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is that a baby is born as an old man, but still the size of a baby, and he ages in reverse. By the time he’s in his late 60s, instead of being a wrinkled strip of leather, he’s a child.

Age is not something we have control over in Fallout 3. Even when you’re a baby, you’re not really a baby, you’re just a scaled-down person. Believe it or not, this actually works to our advantage. As soon as I leave Vault 101, the clock starts ticking. Every 15 minutes, I use the “” console command to decrease my size by 5%. This gives me 5 hours to complete Fallout 3. I either beat the game, or I keep shrinking until I eventually blink out of existence.

Because there are no special restrictions on weapons I can use, I drained the points from Perception and put 3 points each into Charisma, Intelligence, and Luck to level up quicker and to have a high Speech skill. I tried to climb up on the table like my dog used to do, but a table’s natural defense is an invisible wall to keep people off of it. And that’s science.

As the Overseer was talking about my Pip-Boy, I got distracted by the balloons, I threw party decorations all over the place, got beat up by Butch, gave Old Lady Palmer the experience of a lifetime, went down to the basement for some private time with Jonas, got my picture taken, and went to take the GOAT exam. I chose Medicine, Small Guns, and Speech as my Tag skills.

Amata then woke me up and explained the situation. She gave me a handgun, which I used to put a few bullets in her skull, and was off to kill as many people in the vault as I could. Officer Kendall was first, then Butch, the Radroaches got his mother before I could, the Holden’s were next, and I found myself in the Overseer’s Office. He and his guards died, I tried to kill Amata again, opened the Vault Door, killed 2 more guards, and escaped.

The countdown to my extinction begins now. About halfway to Megaton, I checked to make sure the console command would actually work, just to be safe. Those of you who’ve seen my Fallout 3 as a Baby or New Vegas as a Giant videos know that there are two big hurdles to overcome here. The first is obvious, the smaller you get, the slower you move. The second hurdle is that, for whatever reason, your damage output is directly related to your size. The smaller you are, the less damage you do to enemies.

I made my way to Megaton because I wanted to follow the main story as closely as possible. I didn’t want to just go straight to Vault 112 to save Dad. There needs to be some tension. My first stop in Megaton was Craterside Supply to pick up a Radiation Suit, Stimpaks, and ammo. I broke into Moriarty’s Saloon, stole his terminal password, and found out that Dad had went to Galaxy News Radio. I killed Gobb before I left the Saloon, killed Calamity Jane and a few Megaton citizens on my way out of the city, and was off to Galaxy News Radio.
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