BREAKING: COD 2020 Trailer Reveal Date ????-- ( Lets Goooo ) - Call of Duty 2020 Black Ops 5

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COD 2020 Trailer Reveal DATE - Call of Duty 2020 Black Ops 5.
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We know that Activision is hyping up the official Call of Duty 2020 reveal. Today they have released a new teaser for COD 2020 and we know that on August 14th we're most likely going to see a teaser trailer and quickly after the official Call of Duty 2020 trailer.

Activision sent a mystery box to YouTubers and even Charlie Intel and it is about Call of Duty 2020. And just a couple of days ago, during Activision held an investor call for their stock holders. And during this Activision livestream they talked about their future plans and games along with Call of Duty 2020. They confirmed COD 2020 Black Ops 5 is being made by Treyarch and Raven Software and it's release date is set for Q4. #COD2020 #CallofDuty #BlackOps #Gaming

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