Bloodied Gatling Laser - Fallout 76 Steel Dawn Weapon Spotlight

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Welcome to another Fallout 76 Weapon Spotlight! Today we'll take a look at a Bloodied Gatling Laser with 10% damage while aiming and 250 DR while reloading. It's a capable weapon, though probably not a best-in-class kind of weapon. But we'll take it for a spin and see how it handles.

0:00 Intro
0:48 Looking at the weapon
1:53 Legendary Perks
4:00 SPECIAL & Regular Perks
7:28 Testing at Whitespring Golf Club
11:05 Testing in The Deep
13:39 Testing on the Behemoth at Solomon's Pond
14:23 Testing on robots, scorched & a Scorchbeast at a Fissure Site
16:43 Testing on Super Mutants at Huntersville
19:03 Conclusions

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