Airsoft CHEATER gets LIT UP !!!

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►Hey OP's ! Here is my new Gameplay Video from the jungles of Vietnam. Usually I am not a fan of these "Airsoft Cheater gets overshot" videos. Especially if they are upclose! (and with that very unsafe&dangerous) but sometimes people just have to be reminded to call their HITS.

►Deep inside the Southeast Asian jungle there lies an enemy outpost blocking the US supply lines to the battlefront. With guerrilla warfare as their ally, the revolutionaries constantly assault the US base under the cover of night. The area must be routed to continue the larger ensuing battle.

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►► My name is Phoenix Feather Airsoft and I make Airsoft Gameplays around the world as the tip of the spear with my camera setup of a headcam, scopecam and selfiecam.

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