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Motocross Action builds the ultimate 2020 KTM 300SX two stroke. This price tag to build a full-race 2020 KTM 300SX will scare you away from the project. The suspension components alone were $8655. For the engine, Will and Kent chose Dicks Racing in Washington, Utah, to work on the KTM Power Parts 300cc upgrade kit. Dick Wilk was the perfect choice. He has been a KTM specialist for decades, and the MXA wrecking crew has ridden several of his 300cc engines in the past, including fuel-injected models. Once in Utah, the Power Parts cylinder head was milled to increase the compression, and Dick added his proprietary Torque Grooves in a ring around the squish band to improve combustion efficiency. The final question was, “How did it perform on the racetrack?” To tell the truth, it was awesome. Of course we knew it would be, because literally everything done to the KTM 250SX to make it into the ultimate KTM 300SX came right out of the well-established KTM playbook. The Dicks Racing engine mods had been proven to us many times before. The cone-valve forks have a stellar the track, that power advantage didn’t come across as brutish; instead, it felt more manageable, easier to keep hooked up and blessed with more top, more peak and more over-rev. All in all, the 300SX powerplant was a plus on all accounts. Best of all, not a single part on our bike was unobtainable. Most came from the KTM Power Parts catalog or well-known KTM affiliates.

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