#17 What is Script Include and Glide Ajax in ServiceNow | ServiceNow Developer Training

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This is the follow up session of ServiceNow Developer Training. In this session you will learn about Script Include and Glide Ajax in ServiceNow.

How this training will help you:-
You will be able to do scripting in ServiceNow
You will become ServiceNow Developer
You can develop solutions in ServiceNow
You can customize your instance with additional functionalities

You will learn:
- What is Script Include
-What is GlideAjax
- Practical use case of Script Include and GlideAjax

ServiceNow Developer Training will help you become good ServiceNow Developer and upgrade your coding skill in ServiceNow. If you are a ServiceNow Administrator and you want to be become a ServiceNow Developer then this is right channel for you. Please keep watching my ServiceNow Developer Training series to become a great ServiceNow Developer.

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