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For this episode, we headed back to No Signboard Seafood, this time at the Esplanade, to demolish a $1000 Seafood Mee Goreng Challenge! As a belated birthday treat, Sean has again offered to pay for my meal at No Signboard Seafood, this time only allowing Mee Goreng. Naturally, we loaded up the Mee Goreng with the most delectable toppings that No Signboard Seafood has to offer to push the cost to over $1000, making it possibly the most expensive plate of Mee Goreng ever!

No Signboard Seafood specialises in Chinese cuisine, with a focus on seafood, especially the world-famous Chilli Crab. This particular outlet at Esplanade is unique in that it has some Western cuisine available like Boston Lobster Scrambled Eggs with Caviar and pasta dishes. We had to go with Mee Goreng, which is a Malay-style fried noodle dish with a flexible bunch of proteins and vegetables added, tossed in a sweet and spicy sauce.

For my challenge, I ordered 10 servings of Mee Goreng, 3 Whole Boston Lobsters, a bunch of Scallops, 2 Wagyu Steaks and a large ball of Caviar. The staff masterfully plated this feast onto my giant plate, forming a beautiful array. The mee goreng was sweeter and less spicy than most mee gorengs you would find in Singapore, loaded with tofu and shrimp. It was delicious enough to eat on its own and had a deep wok hei aroma to it. The lobsters were plump and juicy, with the tail meat coming off the shell with almost no resistance. They were expectedly sweet and tender, being freshly cooked from the live lobster tanks on-site.

The scallops were stir-fried in XO sauce, pairing the naturally sweet scallops with the strong umami flavour of the sauce, while the steaks were cooked to medium-rare perfection and rich with a deep “beefy” flavour. Finally, the caviar was a surprising addition to mee goreng, usually eaten on its own or on toast with its rich salty flavour. However, it went exceedingly well with the mee goreng as each sweet and savoury bite of the mee goreng was met with pops of salty explosions, complementing one another rather spectacularly.

This meal was so good that I could hardly call it a challenge and I thankfully enjoyed my birthday dinner. No Signboard Seafood also offers a host of other Chinese-Singaporean cuisine, including crabs cooked in a multitude of ways and many fish options. Do check out No Signboard Seafood for their excellent take on Mee Goreng and their classic dishes!

Visit No Signboard Seafood at:
8 Raffles Avenue
#01-14 16 Esplanade
Singapore 039802

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